Lion… The King of Forest

The big cats of Genus Panthera and family Felidea is called Lion. It is common term that is used for almost all Lions and that is African Lion, but it covers many species of the Lions. With the weight over than 250 Kg sometime, Lion are the 2nd largest cats after tigers.

In old time lions were all over and it was the 2nd most populous mammals after Human Beings. Now it is mostly found in the African Sahara and India but since last sixty to seventy year a major decline has been seen in the habitant of Lion.

The reason behind all this not yet fond but it is happening. Like the White Tiger is about to end and they are very less in numbers now. Lions belong to kingdom Animalia, Phylum of lion is Chordata, Class Mammalia, OrderCarnivore, Family Felidea, Genus Panthera and Spices P.Leo. The Binominal name of this animal is Panthera Leo.

There are almost 12 sub species of the Lions have been found distributing their shape, size and appearance. These are some spices and their distinguishing features; Barbary Lion, these are lions mostly found in the Morocco, Algeria and Egypt. These are nominated lion species from north Africa and decreasing day by day due to hunting.

Asiatic Lion, this can be found in the Gir National Park India. Once it was widespread from Turkey to India and Pakistan. Now only 523 exist near Gir National Park near Gujarat, India. West African, these are the lions which can be found in the Africa and central Africa.

These are the lion which were in critical endanger in 2015. White Lion, these are the lion subspecies that are not distinct but these are very special due to their genetic condition. They are not Albinos having normal pigmentation in eyes and skin.
Most of the lion times are rested and are not active for about 20 hours a day. Although lions may be active at any time, their activities often peak in the evening after dark, socialization, care and purification. Intermittent activity bursts during the hours that the prey often occurs, until dawn.

They walk about two hours a day and eat 50 minutes a day. Lions make the most of their prey for pride. The male lion, the proudly associated male lion, stays on and monitors the young puppies until they return home.

Typically, several people work together and encompass the different points of the road. Once closed, they usually target the closest animal to them. The attack is short and strong; They are trying to catch the victim in a fast rush and last step.

These are some facts about Lions, Lions live in the pride which is group of 10 to 15 Lions. When an adult lion roar it sounds can be hear up to 8km away.

Lioness need 5kg meat per day while lion need 7kg meat per day. Cub is baby Lion means baby od lion is called Cub. Female Lion mostly does hunt for pride while Male Lion protect the territory. Lions live in wild live an average life from 12 to 16v years. Lion run at the speed of 81 Km/h.

Lions hunt mostly large animal like Zebra and wildebeest because they do eat a lot meat. Lions are called ‘King of Jungle’. Lions are most powerful animal of the jungle even though they have been classified as the Vulnerable Species by the International union of conservation of nature (IUCN).

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