King Cobra

Learn About The King Of Snakes, King Cobra

King Cobra is a species of Venomous snake and belong to the family Elapidea. King Cobra belongs to kingdom Animalia, Phylum of King Cobra is Chordata, Class Reptilia, Order Squamata, Sub order Serpents, Family Elapidea and Genus Ophiophagus. This specie is mostly found in the south Asia and most probably in the India. The maximum length of this snake is 5.8 meters. Despite this is commonly known as Cobra it is not included in the Nanja Species. It preys very chiefly and eat other snake and other vertebrates like Insects and lizards. This the most dangerous snake found on the earth. He has got some ferocious reputation due to his dangerous behavior. It is also the sign of Mythology in Pakistan, India, Sri lank and Myanmar.
They are fast moving snakes with incredible agility. King Cobra’s color will depend on where he lived. They need colors that allow enough camouflage. This provides the closure needed to find hunters and to make it more difficult for hunters to find. Olive is green, mostly main color. However, you will find black and tan on it. There will always be some tape types extending from top to bottom. These are usually yellow. You have a cream or light yellow in your tummy. There are scales on the abdomen, which is smooth to the touch. They also have very sharp teeth with inward teeth. King Cobra’s overall appearance gives him a very violent and violent appearance.

A king cobra, like other snakes, receives chemical information from forked wool that collects fragrance particles and transfers them to a special sensory receptor (Jacobson’s organ) located on the roof of his mouth. It’s like a human smell. If a meal smell is detected, the snake turns the tongue to measure the prey (the tongue moves the twin sock in stereo); It also uses sharp eyes; The King’s Cobras can detect a moving hunt almost 100 m (330 ft.) away. Intelligence and earth-based vibration sensitivity are also used to monitor the prey. As for humans and bites, this is one of the greatest snakes in the world. Pain is unbearable and unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. The poison spreads quickly because medical treatment is necessary immediately. One person can become extremely sick within an hour or two after the bite. It is important to understand that King Cobra is a striking distance. In a matter of seconds, they can take a few steps from where they are. This is one of the reasons why people take some. The other factor is that it is a snake that is a rapid fire reaction. They may bite only once, but in most cases they will do it again in a few seconds.

These are some facts about King Cobra, it weights can be up to 15kg. It is the longest venomous snake in the world. When king cobra feels threated they Look bigger and raise their head to 6 feet, they also growl and create a sound. They mostly eat other snakes to fulfil their Hunger. Male cobra fight for his female snake during the breeding days.  Just like many other snakes king cobras remain active during day time.  It is only species of the snake that build their Nests. King cobra live an average life 18 years. The maximum age of king cobra has been seen is 22 years. King cobra are good climber and decent swimmers.

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