Frog are kind of small animals and belongs to the Vertebrates known as Amphibians. Frog belongs to kingdom Animalia, Phylum of Frog is Chordata, Class Amphibian, Clade Salientia and order Anura. Amphibians is a Greek word which means ‘Both’ and ‘Bios’ which means they do live the both lives land’s one as well as water one. Amphibians are cold blooded animals which means they set their body temperature according to the environment. Frogs do not need to drink water to survive as their body has an ability to absorb water. The western African is the largest and the name is Giant and it can grow up to 1 foot. While largest frog in the US is Bullfrog and it can grow up to 6 inches long. The smallest frog is in Hemisphere is Brazilian gold frog and it is of 9.8 millimeters. In the northern Hemisphere smallest frog is Monte Elberia Eleuth.  Frogs are living everywhere except Antarctica and mostly it is found in the tropical region. Warm countries have more frogs. You can find frogs in water or near water, stream or canal. Some frogs never go to water, they live on land and they only go to water for the mate. Some frogs live in trees; frogs do have some sticky on their legs which help them in climbing. Frogs have webbed feet that help them in the swimming their webbed feet are pull the water backwards while pull the frogs forward. Frogs hibernate themselves in the winters they buried themselves in the mud or burrow themselves. The diet of the frog mainly consists of insects, small animals such as worms, small ruminants and spiders. The frogs have a sticky tongue in the majority. To catch an insect, the frog sprints out quickly, takes an insect and pulls the tongue. The frogs will swallow their prey in one piece, because the upper cane has only teeth. He will not do much to chew! Frog often hunts at night.

The life style of the frog is very interesting. In a process called metamorphosis, it transforms from one form to another. Click here to learn more about the Frog’s Life Cycle or download the picture for use in class. Frog is important for people. In some countries, it is a source of food. Some are bugs that are seriously harmful. We use it to do medical research to test new medicines, and students study them to learn about the anatomy. It is also part of the eco-system; This means that whatever happens to them, other animals, and even us, will be affected in different ways. We are all connected to the network of life.
Scientists are discovering three new vertebrate species on Cape York. One of the new discoveries is the Clouded Boulder-frog. They live deep in the rocky area, which is cool and humid during the dry season. In wet summer, they can feed and produce.

These are some facts about frogs; 1 gram of the Toxin that is produced from the Golden dart frog can kill 100,000 people. Frog shed his skin once in the week as he got new one most probably frogs eat that skin. When frog eats his prey he blinks his eyes which help him to putting his prey to throat. A group of birds are called while the group of frogs are called Army. There is a frog in the Indonesia that have no lungs he breathes completely through his skin. Frog lay eggs and it hatching have a proper cycle and timing.


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