Everything About Bear

Bears are carnivore’s mammals and they are dog like mammals. Bears belongs to kingdom Animalia, Phylum of Bears is Chordata, Class Mammalia, order Carnivores, Sub group Carniformia, Infraorder Arctoidea and Family Ursidae. Mammals are the cold blooded vertebrates and they have hairs and furs on their body. Female feed milk to the babies for nourishment and give birth to the young one. Some mammals are special they are like human beings, but they are very intelligent, Dolphins and Chimpanzee. A human mind works 10% of his cerebral capacity while dolphins use his mind 20% that why he uses his head as sonar system.

Only 8 species of the bears are extent but they are wide spread and can be seen in South Hemisphere, north hemisphere, America, Asia and Europe. Bear is considered as the dangerous animal. These are things that can be included into the characteristics of bear, Strong Paws, small round ears, stocky legs, shaggy hairs and short tail. The Polar bear is giant bear and it is feed on Bamboos entirely and it is the only species that is Carnivores all other bears are Omnivores.

Brown and American black bears are usually daytime, meaning they eat large quantities during the night, but mostly during the day. Other species may be day or night, but the nights are active, but the female bitches can feed more during the day to avoid competition from crops, vegetation and night decks. The bears are overwhelmingly alone, and all Carnivore is thought to be asocial. The contacts between the bear bears are short and mothers with rewards of young or occasionally seasonally rich foods (such as salmon runners) while they are found in small groups of bears. With the sense of an aquatic smell, bears can find carcasses a few kilometers away. They use attenuation to find other food, to meet their friends, to avoid using competitors and to recognize their offspring. Bear are large animals that eat fish, Plant and bulbs and insects but mostly they do like fish. There are almost 8 species of the bear and it can be found anywhere in the world. Even though having a bulky body and heavy weight bears have the ability of running fast, climbing and swimming. Bear are having a large brain so are the intelligent animals. Bears take a long sleep in the winters just like hibernate keeping the cubs in the dens. The Bears contain the largest terrestrial members of the Carnivore order. Polar bears weigh as much as 1,600 lb (730 kg). The smallest is the sun bears weighing up to 150 kg (68 kg).

Body weight changes during the months of the temperate and polar climates as they form fat reserves in the summer and fall in the winter and lose weight in the winter months. Head and trunk length can vary from 150 cm (59 in) in sun bears to 244 cm in polar bears. These are some facts about Bear, Bears can run at the speed of 35mph. A male bear is boar and female bear is Sow. Polar bear are the largest predators on the earth, standing almost 11 inches high and weight of almost 1700 lbs. The giant panda is actually a bear. Bears have an excellent sense of smelling better than dog even better than other Mammals. A group of bears are called sloth. Under the fur of polar bears, they have black skin. Human pollution has a cause of shrinkage in the length of polar bear.


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