Turtles are sequined reptiles characterized by a special bony or cracked shell developed from ribs and acting like a shield. Turtles belongs to kingdom Animalia, Phylum of Turtles is Chordata, Class Reptile, Clade Testudinata and order testudines. Reptiles do not form a separate evolutionary group like birds and mammals. On the contrary, the Class Reptile consists of four very different orders. For example, lizards are more closely related to birds than to birds! As a result, reptiles are easily identified by what they are not. Reptile Reptilia live species are placed in four orders. Testudines orders, turtles, Squamata’s lizards and snakes, Crocodylia’s include crocodiles and crocodiles, and Rhynchocephalia’s lizard-like tatets. Turtles are ectotherms commonly called cold-blooded; That is, the internal temperatures vary according to the surrounding environment. However, due to their high metabolic rates, the skin temperature of the sea turtles covering the skin is much higher than the surrounding water.

Turtles are very slow and steady animals. They have strong cover on their body and the size of turtle differentiate according to the species.  Turtle is an animal of the tropical region and it is mostly found in oceans and it has 270 species of which 42% are in endanger due to usage in edible. Turtle is very necessary part of turtle Soup. Catching female turtle when he lays egg on land is another reason of scarcity of some species. It takes 30 to 40 years to become a turtle to mature for sexuality.  It depends upon the turtles where they want to live, some live in water, some on land and some in Ocean. All turtle takes breathe through lungs and lay eggs on the land’s surface. Turtle species can be either herbivore or carnivores or both. Turtles size can be from few inches to 6 feet but most turtle are 5 inches to 15 inches. They have an average life span of 30 to 35 years but it has been noted a giant turtle lived for the 176 years. Turtle are classified into 12 families. Marine turtle are classified into 2 families.
Turtles are thought to have an extraordinary night view due to the extraordinary number of rod cells in retina. Turtles have color vision with cone subspecies with varying sensitivities from ultraviolet near ultraviolet (UVA) to red. Some black turtles have very poor follow-up ability normally found only in fast hunting hunt predators, but carnivorous turtles can catch their head quickly. Tree turtles have been reported to be better at learning to navigate the labyrinth than white rats. There are bodies of turtles playing. However, there is a very low encephalitis ratio (brain relative to body mass) and hard shells affect them. Living without rapid reflexes or elaborating predatory prevention strategies.

These are some facts about turtle, Turtles have existed for over 215 million years. There are almost 270 species of the turtle and every specie have their separate specimen. Antarctica is the only place where turtles don’t live because it is too cold place to live in, so no life exist there. The male Turtle grunt while the female turtle hiss this is also a way to discriminate whether this is a male turtle or a female turtle. In winter some turtle hibernates but like many other animals it is not in the case of all turtle. Yes. Some do but not all. Some turtle is run fast and they do chase humans some time. The blood of hibernating turtles acts like antifreeze, allowing it to tolerate cold temperatures. Turtles, along with water snakes, crocodiles, alligators, dolphins and whales, will drown if kept underwater for too long.




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