Dog is the best famous pet that has been kept at home. Dog is a very faithful and loyal animal to his master that’s why Dog is called the best friend of Human Being. A dog easily fit into family. They do like praise and affection. When master of Dog says he is good, he looks happy and move his tail up and when his master scold him he takes the tail in between the legs and don’t look nice. People in the small city or village like to keep dog. People mostly like to have small or medium sized dog because they don’t need much space to live in. Dog is favorite pet for Americans and Londoners. In the recent few years dog has been the center of conversation. A dog has one tail, 4 legs, 2 ears and sharp teeth. The size of the dog differentiates according to the species. The kingdom of Dog is Animalia, Phylum is Chordata, Class is Mammalia, order is Carnivores, Family candae and Genus Canis. The dogs were domesticated in the majority of human history, and they loved themselves for years. The stories were told about the brave dogs who were trampling in battle or who gave life to their lives in danger. The Bulgarian community destroyed by Mount Vesuvius in AD 79 was finally excavated. The researchers, apparently trying to protect young people, found a dog finding on a child. Millions of dogs around the world may be so little heroic, but still a source of real pleasure for their owners.

Before having the dog one should kept one thing in the mind. He should be treated in good way and he should give the medicine otherwise it will ill and it may cause illness and if he won’t be treated in a proper manner, he can bite even his own defense. Dogs have been with people since prehistoric times. Over the years, they have provided various services. He took the sleds on the snow slides. They sent messages, put sheep and cattle, and those who were trapped in the abdomen were rescued. Dogs also served as a food source. The ancient Romans are said to reward some kind of dog stew. The Aztecs of Ancient Mexico removed the small dogs thought to be the ancestors of chihuahua to feed the big carnivores in private zoos of the Aztec rulers. In the past, even dogs are worshiped as gods. It has recently been used in drug research, medical experiments, and space science. Soviet scientists have thrown dogs to test the ability of mammals to get rid of the difficulties of space travel before people are sent.

These are some incredible facts about Dog, Dog has a very excellent sense of smelling, thousand times better than human being. No two Dogs could have the same nose. Dog have the same ability of dreaming as humans have.  Dogs only mate 2 times a year so it is very necessary to make the accurate breeding plan. Wagging of dogs tail is a language in itself, it is noted when dog wage its tail to right it means he is happy and when wages to left it means he is Perturbed. When puppies are born they are blind and deaf and after 1 week they open their eyes. Some facts say dogs does have a sixth sense by which they react to the thing that may call illness, very strangely.


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