Electric Blue Crayfish Care

In the event that you are simply getting into blue crawfish, at that point you may have a few inquiries regarding electric blue crawfish mind. I realize that I did when I initially began. So beneath I’ll give you a few hints that will ideally make administering to your blue person (or lady) somewhat simpler.

Make a Comfortable Habitat

Crawfish are generally, one of the least demanding oceanic pets to tend to. They needn’t bother with much, yet you would like to make them agreeable and guarantee they have a long, sound and agreeable life.

To help keep your little critter protected and comfortable, you should obviously furnish him with the correct environment. This clearly is a fundamental bit of electric blue crawfish mind.

A few people will reveal to you he can simply live in a container with some water or something a little insane like that. Be that as it may, in the event that you need to make the most of your blue crawfish and once more, keep him solid, I recommend purchasing no less than a 10 gallon aquarium and making a living space that will be agreeable for your crawfish.

Similarly as a note, make certain to peruse up on setting up your tank before you put your crawfish (or fish) into the tank. This will incorporate “molding” and “cycling” the water; which is the most essential bit of setting up any fish tank.

Get a Hideout for Your Crayfish

Crawfish get a kick out of the chance to tunnel and fort. I frequently discover mine grabbing rocks and conveying them most of the way over the tank to manufacture their little den. In any case, make things somewhat less demanding for them and get them an alcove from any pet store as well as get some PVC pipe. Basically cut it into little pieces and add it to your aquarium. This will take into consideration your crawfish to fort from some other crawfish or fish when they have to.

Moreover, crawfish do require a place to hang out when they shed. This is on account of they turn out to be delicate and powerless against other fish and crawfish who will assault them. So giving a den is another basic bit of electric blue crawfish mind.

Picking the Right Tank Mates

Alright, simply ahead and comprehend this, crawfish love to eat angle. So sooner or later they will get and eat one or a few of your fish. As a result of this reason, you need to pick the correct tank mates for your crawfish.

The ideal fish for your crawfish to live with will be angle that swim towards the highest point of the tank or potentially angle that are quick. Fish that live or swim close to the base of the tank or fish that are moderate will move toward becoming crawfish supper sooner or later. Having said that, I propose red tail sharks, ax angle, tiger spikes, and danios as tank mates for your electric blue crawfish.

Other crawfish can likewise make great tank mates relying upon the span of the tank. Be that as it may, crawfish are barbarian and will now and again assault and eat each other. Note, giving legitimate dens and keeping your crawfish bolstered can eliminate the odds of this event.

Bolstering Your Crayfish

Obviously you will find that your crawfish loves to eat. Also, eating is obviously a critical piece of electric blue crawfish mind. Hell, who doesn’t care to eat.

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